Bridgespan Digital Learning Stories – Video Reference Guide

The Bridgespan Group is a leading consultant to nonprofits, NGOs and more. The team partnered with them to create and launch one of their first-ever online courses – Investing in Future Leaders (IFL). There were several components and experiences that needed to be created such as courseware modules, learner dashboard, interactive infographics and numerous video types including Subject Matter Expert, Leadership Testimonial, Product Walk-Thrus and Marketing. The Leadership Testimonial videos entailed interviewing 8-12 CEOs in various locations across the United States. The primary challenge was schedule and budget. On the schedule side, it would have been a logistical nightmare to try and coordinate a video team that was local to all the unique shoot locations in the amount of time given. Alternatively, hiring a single video team to travel to all the locations was too costly. One advantage we had was that we didn’t want the video to feel too polished. The experience needed to feel more like “A man on the street” type interview. After lots of requirements gathering, brainstorming, and persona development, we conceived “The Traveling Video Kit.” The concept was simple – assemble the minimal equipment needed for a non-video person to shoot a professional (but not overly polished) interview video that was correctly lit and mic’d. Once shot, they would send the case onto the next location and drop the SD card into the mail with the prepaid envelope provided with the kit. While the kit was on its way to the next location, my team could start reviewing and editing the footage from the last shoot. The ideal candidate was an office manager, admin or assistant who is comfortable operating an iPhone, camcorder and iPad. Selecting the equipment entailed extensive product research, ordering, testing, refining, returning, etc. Once we finalized the equipment for the kit, we created the best flow for a user to assemble, operate and break down the kit. The last step was to incorporate all of this into an intuitive step-by-step instruction guide with custom drawn illustrations to match the equipment. Below are some sample spreads from the guide.

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