Healthmain Calorie and Fitness Tracking Application

Healthmain Millennium Prevention was founded by a team of doctors from the world-renowned Framingham Heart Study, which identified the common factors that contribute to cardiovascular disease. The company partnered with us to turn its founders’ knowledge into actionable insight for the general population. We created a web and mobile app for consumers to use in sync with their healthcare providers. One of the apps main features is a daily tracker for food consumption and exercise. It enables users to enter food intake and physical activity — and provides visualization of this data to help users chart progress against their goals. HealthMain also features an avatar that appears on each screen, explaining functionality, prompting users to add information, and commending them for their efforts and achieved goals. Keep in mind this was a few years ago before the market was saturated with fitness and calorie tracking apps.

ClientHealthmain Millennium PreventionServicesCalorie and Fitness Tracking ApplicationYear2015

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