Market Intelligence and Forecasting Web Site Application

RISI provides economic forecasting information for the global forest products industry. There are not a lot of players in this space so top executives throughout the industry know and trust RISI’s analysis to support their strategic decision-making. I actually worked with RISI in the past to help rebrand and position themselves in the marketplace. Their new mandate was to better align their business and site with a couple of their largest competitors. Essentially, we were moving them from an outdated site that hosted PDFs of reports and economic models to a web application that would empower current and new customers to run their own custom searches and interactive reporting. Users can configure and customize product tracker alerts as well as access a highly configurable dashboard that features industry news. They can also search for products and set variables as data is graphed in real-time. The new site was a huge success and also served as their best sales tool for acquiring new customers and business.

ClientRISIServicesMarket Intelligence and Economic Forecasting Web Application SiteYear2016

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