Users get started by tasting six different bottles of wine either on their own or at a local wine tasting party. The app makes it easy for users to find wine parties, review the parties they attended or even host one of their own. Once they’ve tasted six unique glasses of wine, users then use the app to rate each which provides Vinely insight into their wine preferences. With this input, the app assigns each user a wine personality and generates a customized list of wines. Users then use the app to order wine and have it shipped directly to their doorsteps. Vinely’s 3-Step Process

Vinely's 3-Step Process

Vinely’s system deciphers what you like by discovering your unique taste in wine. We call that your “Wine Personality.” Just taste and rate 6 selected wines and let the Vinely System create your Wine Personality. Now you can confidently order wines that are personalized for you.

Discover Your
Wine Personality

Wireframing & Schemas

Brainstorming, white-boarding, wire-framing, schemas, users’ journey, etc. are an important part of the process. Producing these deliverables and artifacts early on not only helps create a better foundation for ideation and creativity but it’s also a very important alignment tool that helps set expectations both internally (UX, UI and development) and externally with the client and any stakeholders. Lastly, having these artifacts upfront help inform budget, schedule and level of effort.

What’s interesting and unique to me about the Vinely app is that it spans across several categories – blending lifestyle, entertainment, reference, and education all into one product. It also utilizes social media that enable users to create virtual and physical communities of fellow wine enthusiasts. The bonus is that its e-commerce functionality makes buying wine easy and fun for consumers – and drives sales revenue for Vinely.

My Role & Some Challenges

On the Vinely project, my role was to first work with the team and strategize on how to migrate a mostly offline brand style into a mobile application without losing any of the excitement or brand attitude. Many of the original brand elements worked great for print and larger format but had to be reconfigured for online and mobile. In addition to owning the vision and managing the teams, I also worked directly on many of the upfront artifacts including wireframes, user journey, prototypes and more. I am always willing and able to push pixels with the best of them.